Monday, January 20, 2020

Poetry Monday - Perfection - Connection

Let us join hands our friendship show
To bitterness now strike a blow
Hostility we must release
Bring perfection a lasting peace
Let us join hands

Leave wrathful thoughts of long ago
Show harmony never be foe
Our warring days they now must cease
Let us join hands

Be free from strife let others know
Our children good surely we owe
This legacy our masterpiece
Accord connection to increase
We must exist with no more woe
Let us join hands

Rondeau Poetry

I'd like to build the world a home
And furnish it with love
Grow apple trees and honey bees
And snow white turtle doves

I'd like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
I'd like to hold it in my arms
And keep it company

That's the song that I hear
Let the world sing today
A song of peace that echos on
And never goes away

I'd like to see the world for once
All standing hand in hand
And hear them echo through the hills
For peace throughout the land

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Sunday Sermon - A Candle in the Dark

In an earlier post I mentioned that I had found a Humanist Hymnal site by Jerry Phillips who had written new words to some favorite hymns.
I sang and recorded this song with his new words, but it sounded pitiful.

So I am only providing the lyrics and the music. I hope you enjoy listening and singing along by yourself. I think the words are very meaningful.

When fear and ignorance grip our minds
the world becomes quite stark
Though superstition brings the night
with science on our side we will light
A Candle in the Dark

Refusal to accept the fact
of evolution’s plan
Rejecting evidence as fake
creationism always makes
A monkey out of man

Stand up against the tyranny
of heaven’s patriarch
When superstitious men succumb
each cry for common sense becomes
A Candle in the Dark

Remember that the brightest flame
began with just one spark
Though demons haunt this vast terrain
our quest for knowledge will remain
A Candle in the Dark

Sunday Selections - Computer Trouble

Trouble on Merry Mae's computer
It was way down deep inside

In order to find the problem
She opened it way up wide

Then soon she was crawling inside
And looking around wide-eyed

With some tricks she got the thing fixed
She did it all with great pride

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Women's March 2020

I read on Orchids and Onions that the Women's March is today January 18, 2020 and she will be marching.  Thousands of women all over the country will be walking and cheering for women's rights. Even if we can't physically participate we can still observe it with our words of support.

You say that you love me
What you love does not exist
You say that you love me
It's not me I insist

You say that you love me
I'm the one that you have kissed
You say that you love me
But my words how you twist

You say that you love me
The real me you have missed
And if you really love me
Listen to me I insist

Women Are on the Rise

I see  women a marching
From every city every town
One foot in front of the other
They will not be put down

Today they march again
New rights for to win
Women are on the rise

I hear the ranting and the raving
Justice for all they promote
Fairness women are a craving
Reminding all that they vote

Come and join their cause
To make some some better laws
Women are on the rise

The few turn into ten thousand
Marching gives them a high

Heed the voice of women
They forever cry
Women are on the rise

Women will always be a marching
From every city every town
One foot in front of the other
They will not be put down

Today they march again
New rights for to win
Women are on the rise

Come and join their cause
To make some some better laws
Women are on the rise

Friday, January 17, 2020

Tea Party

The Tea Party is an American fiscally conservative political movement within the Republican Party.  I am not a member, but I am going to host a little tea party.  Several posts ago on Words for Wednesday I chose coffee for my word.  Blogger Emma commented she did not drink coffee ... only tea.  I do want to make her feel welcome. 

Did you ever sit down with your dolls and play dishes and have a tea party? I did.  One year Santa gave me a child size table and chairs and a set of dishes. 

I'll be the guest
Red roses in a vase arrange
I'll be the guest
Saucers and cups please use the best
Do not forget your dress to change
And comb your hair it looks so strange
I'll be the guest

The tea set was her mother's
Behind glass panes not to touch
Finger prints pressed and smudged
Lovely china she wanted so much

The rector came each Sunday
The cups on the cloth were laid
Behind the door of the kitchen
Peeking secretly she stayed

The roses on the teapot
A delicate pastel hue
She longed wished and yearned
To drink from it the brew

Decades passed and the set
Now in her cupboard stored
She cannot bear to use it
Only there to be adored

When I saw this picture I immediately thought of a set of dishes I have that were my mother's.  They always looked so beautiful behind the glass windows of our buffet. And we did use them at Christmas or Thanksgiving. They now are beautiful in my china hutch.  We rarely use them because it is a pain to climb on the chair and get them down.  Then another pain to carefully wash them and climb back up and put them back. 

The picture made me think of how many things we may want, wait and wish for.  Then when we get what we desire, the delight we thought it would bring is not as pleasurable.