Thursday, December 12, 2019

Wednesday Words - Oven

Directions for Wednesday Words December 11:

1. Look around and choose an object in the room. 
2. Write something from the point of view of that object. 

I looked around and saw my oven. 

I'll help you make some gingerbread men
It won't take more than an hour
Put in the bowl soda and salt
And three and a fourth cups of flour

Dark brown sugar tightly packed
Cinnamon cloves and nutmeg
Ginger molasses and chocolate chips
Butter and one large egg

Stir the dough in a mixing machine
Take care with the electric chord
Divide the dough into thirds
Roll out on a floured board

Use a cutter to make the men
Raisins and candy for eyes
Pop into me at 350 degrees
Gingerbread will begin to rise

Lay on a plate with a glass of milk
Set out on Christmas eve
You may have a cookie or two
But the most for Santa please leave

Candy Cane

Give me a lick of your candy cane
To show you love me true
Give me a lick of your candy cane
One lick just won't do

Give me a lick of your candy cane
See how my lips turn red
Tho' I love a lick from your stick
Give me a kiss from your lips instead

N Is For Nothing

N is for nothing
It's all that I've got
N is for nothing
And that's not a lot

N is for nothing
My wad I have shot
N is for nothing
That means I have naught

 I have NOT had internet for weeks -- so it seems.  NOTHING!
This poem for "N" seems very appropriate.  👀

Thursday, December 5, 2019

M Is for Magic

On magic carpet let me soar
Exciting places to explore
In misty clouds I'll make my way
View wondrous sights through out the day
And wish for more

And as I travel on this ride
Resplendent birds will be my guide
Into the heavens they will climb
Lost in space and lost in time
On wings they'll glide

So many things I want to learn
Before this life I do adjourn
But I am made to be earthbound
And only view things from the ground
Yet still I yearn
Picture from wikipedia

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Wednesday Words - Idioms

The prompts for Words for Wednesday were provided by Letting the Word Escape.
   Rewrite some of these commonly used idioms to make them more interesting, or maybe use them to start a story:  "Pardon my French."  "My mind is in a fog."  "You are on thin ice.


Good things come to him who waits
Downtime keeps one well-grounded

Anticipation and breathing space
Will keep one quite well-rounded

I couldn't wait any longer to bring you my Wednesday Words post. And I am sure you didn't want to wait either.

Patience Is a Virtue

They say patience is a virtue
Waiting to act a fine quality
And keeping one's shirt on
Shows respectability

They say don't count your chickens
Only hope that they will hatch
And look to see what's in the cards
Before you make a match

Never ever jump the gun
Assume nothing or prophesize
Rushing forth to cross that bridge
Would prove most unwise

I'm extraordinarily patient provided I get my own way in the end.
Margaret Thatcher