Saturday, October 19, 2019


Blue is my favorite color. So many shades to choose from. Blue can also mean sad.  There are just as many shades of sadness as there are colors of blue.  If one tells you they are blue, you don't know if they are a bit low, somewhat downcast or deeply depressed.  I have experienced the whole spectrum.

I think writing about feelings whether happy or sad is very useful. Putting my energy into a poem helps me forget the gloom and glum.  I often find an image that helps express what I feel.  Sometimes a poem turns into silliness.  Laughter is always good.

I wrote some blue poems many years ago.  I will share some of these poems through out my blogging experience. But I won't forget to share the happy poems. 

While preparing this post I found a quote by Anne Frank.
I solve a Celebrity Cipher every day in our paper and found the quote there.  Her words can make one feel very small and humble.  She continues to inspire.

 I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.   Anne Frank

Forty Shades of Blue

Forty shades of blue
There must be many more
I don't know about you
But I have the blues galore

They never seem to leave me
Stay around for evermore
If I try to make them flee
They're worse than before

There's Baby Blue and Blizzard Blue
The ones that make me cry
The same tears come with Azure
I simply don't know why

 Bluebonnet and Blue Sapphire
Blue-green and deep Blue Nile
Blueberry and Blue Bell
Refuse to make me smile

 Blue-violet brings the doldrums
Cyan puts me in the dumps
Just the mention of Turquoise
Well I'd rather have the mumps

Friday, October 18, 2019

Fence - Garden Path

Yesterday I posted a poem using this same graphic. In the distance in front of the house I can barely see a figure of a young woman. I think she is waiting for someone. 
Wedding Dress and Never Worn from Words for Wednesday were still in my mind. And of course I see the fence.  A picture can tell many different stories.

Hidden beyond the garden gate
Secluded from the path
Silently she stood and stared
Stifling her wrath

Eclipsed by the flourishing flowers
Concealed from the view
Reticent and retired
Her thoughts began to stew

Shrouded from inquisitive eyes
Her bouquet all a bloom
Wordlessly she waits and weeps
Abandoned by her groom

Happy Feet

Happy feet we've got those happy feet
Give them a low down beat and they begin dancing

We've got those ten little tapping toes 
And when they hear a tune
We can't control our dancing heels to save our soul

Weary blues can't get into our shoes
Because our shoes refuse to ever grow weary

We keep cheerful on an earful of music sweet
'Cause we've got hap hap happy feet

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Best Hugs

Merry Mae confesses she's been to the zoo
And passions she has had quite a few

Never could resist when a rhino insists
Don't knock it for neither could you

She gives a squeal oh what a thrill
For a crocs got real sex appeal

She fond of snakes the love bite of bugs
But a spider still gives the best hugs

This is for real.  I saw it crawling across the street on my early morning walk.  The size of a mason jar lid or bigger.
I almost stepped on it.

Fence - Misty Morn

Misty morn stroll the countryside
Pleasureful stride
Clouds floating high
Adorn the sky

Cottage beckoning roof of thatch
Don't light a match
Winding pathways
Feel the sun rays

Gate inviting unlatched the lock
Gazed 'round took stock
Blooming roses
Graceful poses

Minute Poetry

See the tiny fence in the garden?