Friday, December 13, 2019

I Used to Believe in Santa

I used to believe in Santa Claus
Down the chimney he would come
But when I opened up the gifts
I knew who they were from

I used to believe in the tooth fairy
Left coins to buy what I'd like
I'd save up all my quarters
For movies or a new bike

I used to believe in god
Always prayed to him for somethin'
But when I looked around the place
Found he never gave me nothin'

I know that Santa really was
My mom and my dad
Always here to care for me
That really makes me glad

I'm no longer losing baby teeth
That's not really so bad
But not getting the pocket change
Makes me a little sad

Being fooled by the preacher
That is just so darn bad
But knowing that there is no god
Really makes me glad


  1. I subscribed to all these myths too.

    1. The subscriptions got too expensive for me.
      Had to be good! :(

  2. You don't believe in Santa Claus?! I still get chocolate covered cherries from him every year.

    1. And after you get the box of CCC, I bet you just sit there laughing behind Santa's back. "I sure fooled him! Ha Ha Ha!"


  3. I don't remember believing in any of these things. Much older brothers might have been part of that.

    1. I don't think I believed in Santa or tooth fairy for long. Played along as part of what one does.
      Never was keen on god .. but never considered him/her/it a threat to society until I left home and found out everybody believed something different.

  4. The stories we make up to keep the children - and the children in us - happy, eh?

    1. I loved reading fairy stories when young. But I knew they were just that. Magic is fine ... but miracles are not.

      I can remember crying when I visited Santa. lol

  5. I definitely was a believer all the way. I heard Santa's reindeers on the roof next door when I was a little child, and I never got over the thrill. I saw the tooth fairy outside my window when I had a tooth under my pillow for her. I yelled for my mother to come and see the tooth fairy, and of course she came running. It was a ruby-throated hummingbird hovering outside my window in the setting sunlight. I had never seen one before. The real fairy showed up when I was asleep ~ LOL I wasn't upset when I realized that Santa and the Tooth Fairy weren't real. I saw them as the love of my parents personified, and I did everything I could to keep my younger siblings believing.

    As for God, I'm an agnostic, and I go back and forth on what I believe. I've never been crossed into atheism, but I respect other's choices. It's the church and organized religions I have trouble with. They are about power, money, control, and group thinking. I'd have burned as a heretic, I'm sure.

    1. I had the same childhood experiences about Santa and the tooth fairy. And long after the jig was up, we still were treated to the fun of it. (Just didn't get as many gifts from Santa or as much $ from the fairy)

      Agnostic is fine with me. Nobody knows for sure. It's the ones that are dead sure that bother me. I don't think one really crosses over into atheism. It only means lack of evidence that there is a god. I'm a-fairy ... lack of evidence for fairies. I'm a-unicorns ... lack of evidence for unicorns. etc etc
      Not trying to convince you of anything. LOL
      And people are still being burned .... persecuted .. for what they believe/don't believe. Believe me, I keep my mouth shut ... buttoned up ... taped over where I live. There are way over 60 churches in the 'small' area where I live. First thing anyone asks you is "Where do you go to church?"

      I appreciate your response!! Blogging is surely a place where we can express our thoughts and ponder the ideas of others too.

  6. I'm not sure when I lost belief in Santa and the Tooth Fairy, also the Easter Bunny, but I knew before I started school and knew to keep my mouth shut and not spoil it for kids who still believed.

    1. I had a brother 6 years younger. It was so much fun seeing him visit Santa in a little house on the court house square. Nobody ever told him differently. He figured it out for himself. Coming to the conclusion that things are not real is an early sign of critical thinking skills.
      It's too bad those skills often stop being used as we grow up. lol

      There's no evidence for Santa but plenty of evidence for dumb people. lol I'm sure I fall into that group!!


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